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Wireless Light Switch With Receiver RF 433Hz

$38.98 $56.00 saving $17.02
Wireless Light Switch With Receiver RF 433Hz

Wireless Light Switch With Receiver RF 433Hz

$38.98 $56.00 saving $17.02

200M Outdoor 50M Indoor Radio Range for Lamp Device Wireless Light Set Switch Battery-Free Wall Switch

Main Features:


1. Easy to Install

Simply install the receiver between the devices to be controlled and the power supply. 

wireless switch and receiver kit
2.Safety and Use

The effective distance between the receiver and the control panel is up to 328ft indoors and 1969ft outdoors. 

3.Multi-Matching and Penetration

Wireless Switch can control three groups of lamps by three receivers within range.

 One receiver can hold up to 8 control panels.



No Battery Required:

With the wireless wall switch, you can press the switch to generate 

power and send the signal. 

No battery required, energy

 saving and environmentally friendly.


wireless switches and receivers




433MHZ working frequency

The maximum transmission distance is approx. 200m outdoors and 50m indoors, can go through 3 walls without interference problems. 
Note: Do not install it in the metal box, otherwise it may not be able to receive wireless signals.

Create a comfortable life

Easy installation of the on / off switch in the luminaire without wiring, particularly suitable for retrofitting the switches for stair lights, 
hall lights, bedroom lights, hall lights. Mounting screws and 3M tape are included for easy installation.

Multi-switches control one light

 A receiver can be paired with up to 5 radio switches, 

which allows you to control one light with multiple 

switches to avoid the traditional complex wiring. 
And a light switch can control several receivers, 

one button can switch on all devices. Perfect for 

office, conference room, outdoor and so on.


About Okaylight

Okaylight is a professional household switch manufacturer for 20 years. We are professional in RF technology, our product are related to 433.92Mhz,868Mhz and 2.4G(Wifi & Zigbee).