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High Accuracy Electricity Usage Monitor Plug Socket Power Meter

$29.98 $45.00 saving $15.02
High Accuracy Electricity Usage Monitor Plug Socket Power Meter

High Accuracy Electricity Usage Monitor Plug Socket Power Meter

$29.98 $45.00 saving $15.02

Power Energy Meter,Electricity Usage Monitor Plug with High Accuracy,Large LCD Display Watt Meter Power Analyzer with Overload Alarm

Main Features:


1. Large LCD display with Green Backlight

5 Currency setting, 2 Power Tarrif settings, clock display.

Manual/Time countdown/Power countdown/Spend countdown for cost, time, watts, on/off

electric usage meter
2.Energy measurement & Energy consumption display

Voltage (V),Current (A),Wattage (W),
  Total energy consumption (kWh)
  Total Green House Gas emissions (kg)

3.Built-in Relay Switch, Fuse Protection, Reset Button

Accumulated operation time 
Easy setting and operate, Energy saving

4.Backup battery saves user settings and data

Latest 7 days/7 Months Consumption reporting
 Low power consumption                     Overload Alarm (A/W) and Automatic Power Off



Electricity Usage Monitor:

Our watt meter plug is the killer of the high energy consumption.

energy meter plug can easily monitor working power consumption and energy loss 

of all your home appliances with high accuracy; 

Calculate your homes cumulative electrical expenses

 and forecast by the day, week and month. 

you can also control its usage by setting time using 

and electric charge after you 

detected out the appliances

 wiht high cost of energy 

for the purpose of save energy.

plug in power monitor



Three Modes for Count-down

Engry saving design, our plug power meter with three countdown modes of TIME, ENGRY,COST; For the purpose of reduce costs on home applicance, power monitor socket will switch off automatically if cost/power exceed based on your settings; this intelligent watt meter can also provides you with additional ecological information such as display your indoor CO2 emissions in kg

power usage monitor plug
electricity usage monitor

Data Hold & Over-load Protection

Okaylight energy usage power meter with data non-losing function; electricity usage plug will save the last datas when you remove the appliance from power meter; you can read the power consumption daily or monthly upto the lasted 7 months.Easy and safe to use, once the whole power exceeds the rated power 1750w and 15A of the monitor, Overload warning will be displayed on LCD screen with booming noise to warn the user, and automatically disconnect the power

Widely Usely:

 Electricity watt meter Widely Used Audio, lighting, office equipment, TV, air conditioning, heater fan.


About Okaylight

Okaylight is a professional household switch manufacturer for 20 years. We are professional in RF technology, our product are related to 433.92Mhz,868Mhz and 2.4G(Wifi & Zigbee).