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2.4G Digital Programmable Thermostat Plug

$38.89 $56.00 saving $17.11
2.4G Digital Programmable Thermostat Plug

2.4G Digital Programmable Thermostat Plug

$38.89 $56.00 saving $17.11

Thermostat Plug Temperature Controller with Timer Mode, Programmable Outlet Thermostat Set Differential Value to Keep Temperature in Desired Range

Main Features:


1.Richable Thermostat Setting

Easily programming different target temperature in different time range.


Cooling and Heating mode switchable,countdown and timer function available.

3.Easy to Use

Plug and play, Wireless auto pairing 2.4G control system.

Portable & biref design, suitable for placing or wall mounting


One remote can control multi plugs



Powerful Programming:
 This thermostat plug has heating mode and cooling mode, and with timer function. you can program time, temperature, and week in combinations as you need. For example, set differential value to maintain the desired temp range: you set the differential value to 2℉, target temp 80℉, heating mode. The device will turn on at 80-2=78℉, and turn off at 80+2=82℉. Equivalent to setting a temp range of 78-82℉. Temp differential value range: 0-4℉ or 0-4℃.




2.4G  technology, one remote can control multiple plugs. Within the controllable distance, you can use a remote to control multiple plugs to achieve temperature control.

Thermostat Outlet Controller

The remote control has a white backlight to display the current temperature and target temperature, it's convenient to flat on the table or hang on the wall. Free to choose between ℃/℉, standard time/summer time. Low battery warning.

Widely Usely:

This temperature controller can accurately control the indoor temperature and maintain a comfortable environment, suitable for infra-red heaters, tube heaters, fan heaters, floor heaters and portable radiators, as well as many electric cooling devices.


About Okaylight

Okaylight is a professional household switch manufacturer for 20 years. We are professional in RF technology, our product are related to 433.92Mhz,868Mhz and 2.4G(Wifi & Zigbee).